the golden laugh

Montag, 11. Dezember 2017 | / | 1 Kommentar
Long time no see, I know! But now I'm back, at least in this post I will write a little bit about my current life situation. Life kept me busy, I had days where I nearly didn't sleep at all and days (like yesterday) where I (over-)slept the entire day which ended in waking up and wondering whether it's the middle of the night or already dark again. Took me 20 minutes to figure out in which time zone I'm in and why it was dark again. Confusing days. And now I'm finally sitting at my desk again, typing some words into the file of blogger. Surprising thing, I "upgraded" my work hours to 20 hours a week now, so all I'm doing is working, sleeping, studying (a little bit) and working on a stable social life. It's sooo weird, like you have met your closest friends almost every day at school for four years and then you just go seperate ways and you have to make almost kind of "appointments" with your friends because you won't meet them "by coincidence" at school anymore. So I have the feeling my social life is pretty much non-existent, because even though I try to see my friends at least once a month, it feels like a way too short span of time every time we meet. And then you're sitting there, all like "Well what's relevant enough to talk about now, we've only got like - two hours?!" So you're trying to fit all the personal and gossip news into a two-hours-long-coffee-session, while you're deeply missing the times where you could just be randomly babbling about "the not so exciting and all exciting"-news during lessons. I keep talking more and more about old times on the blog and I feel sorry to keep you always in the past with my posts, but my daily/regular life moves so unbelievable fast forward that I can't even keep up by writing relevant and current stuff on the blog. I haven't stopped taking photos by the way, still doing shootings from time to time. Here is a picture of my dear friend Kristin, another wonderful human being that I see and talk to waaaay to seldom.

Hope you're all good, sending you warm greetings!

september recap

Sonntag, 8. Oktober 2017 | / | 6 Kommentare
(1) Kristin & Matthias (2) Sweater Medine via Armedangels (3) Chelsea boots via Lanius

Is it already October?! Wow, time goes by so fast and I'm continuously overwhelmed about this fact. A new month means new recap - and I've got to take a look back on all the things I have done last month. As you might know, I decided to take a break between ending school and starting university, which is why I "only" work some hours right now in order to earn some money and making myself useful instead of just sitting around. I don't work many hours, mostly once or twice a week (only next week it will be three workdays) but it's still something and I feel that this is just the perfect team you could ask for to work with at your first "real" job. Speaking of which, I attended a training course as well, for which I and my colleague Verena had traveled to Salzburg. It was such a great time we had there, meeting other colleagues, talking and learning new and very helpful things in order to do better at the job. Moreover, it was my first time in Salzburg and I have to say that I would have loved to spend more time there.

I did also travel to Vienna for four days, to visit my dear friends Marlene and Ina. They both have been exchange students as well, Marlene to Sweden and Ina to Chile. Marlene visited me in the summer already, but I haven't seen Ina for over a year. It was so good to talk to them, getting updates on our lives and promising us that it won't take so long this time until we'll see each other again. Especially since Vienna isn't that far away!

I didn't only meet these girls there, but also Matthias, the guy with whom I've had a shooting in spring. He contacted me to ask if I would like to shoot again and of course, I said yes. Coincidentally, we were both at the same time in Vienna, so we met and talked about his shooting ideas, which sounded really cool. And then, just some days later, we shot the entire day in this awesome hotel where we were allowed to stay and shoot. I've been editing a bunch of photos already, but I took around 2000, so I'm by far not finished with editing. Sneak peek above and also on my Instagram account @lizblick. Many thanks to the Weingartenhotel Harkamp and my fantastic friend/Make-up Artist Kristin for all the help! You will get to see some results probably already next week on the blog.

Almost everyone from my old class started with University last week and although I absolutely do not regret the decision to take a year "off" - it's crazy seeing all my friends starting with a new chapter in their life, from getting used to the University-life to getting an apartment and everything. Not all of my friends though are at University right now, some of them decided to go abroad. Martina, who already lives in the Netherlands for one month now and Paula, who just departed to Oslo to work there for the local YFU Organization. I miss them both deeply and also my friends from Sweden, with whom I managed to finally skype again last month, I would love to meet more often.

Meanwhile, I'm still busy getting my drivers license (I have the test on Monday, so fingers crossed!) and doing some volunteering for my exchange student organization YFU. I will also spend one week at a seminar with them at the end of October to which I'm really looking forward.
Winter and therefore Christmas is getting closer and closer. So I added some new items to my Wishlist because this Pullover from Armedangels and the Chelsea boots from Lanius look super nice, timeless and seem to be just perfect for colder days.

Also this month I collected my favorite blog posts.
  • Paula is a great photographer and I adore every single one of her photographs. This is just another blog post including beautiful pictures - take a look!
  • Justine has a weekly series on her blog called "Satisfaction Saturday" and these articles are always super interesting and inspiring. This time, she wrote about why we tend to wait for something to happen until we can be happy - while we could also just decide to be happy instead of waiting for it.
  • Kayture is a blog whose founder Kristina Bazan was probably the first one to make blogging famous and a real business. She took a break from blogging but her honesty in her articles didn't change. The dark age, a new chapter of Kayture and Kristina Bazan.
  • Authenticity is super important for me as a reader of blogs and also a huge topic among bloggers themselves. Someone who, in my eyes, still sticks to this, is Jana from bekleidet. Readers could ask her questions and she answered them and isn't afraid of passing her knowledge further on.
  • I found was this awesome blog post on the blog Heylilahey and it shows that ethical fashion really can be cool, modern and affordable. I would love to own every single item, please!