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(1) Jäckle & Hösle (2) swedishstockings.com - "Svea Premium" (3) me (with an ugly sunburn)

Waaaaay too late, I know, but here it is: my june recap! I think there was really no summer where I was as busy as I am this year. I won't complain - I like to have my calendar filled every day with things to do, but the last couple of weeks have been nothing but a constant challenge of getting enough sleep to make sure I'm not falling asleep during the day after. But as I've already said, I don't wanna complain about the last weeks, because if I haven't had work and my lessons everyday at the driving school I would just be bored sitting at home and waiting for the next workday. Before I finally get my driving license it will probably be the end of August, which means until then I'm gonna continue my work- and study schedule. I really hope to manage to write some more blogposts in between as well, besides the monthly recaps (which I actually really enjoy, but at the same time it scares me, because those recaps make me just realize how fast every month is going by!!!).

Let's make it an actual recap then. In June, I took my final exams and on the 22nd, we celebrated the end of our school career at school. It was a beautiful and emotional ceremony, but to be honest, I didn't quite realize what just has happened in this moment. It seemed surreal and felt just like "Okay, we're going to have summer break now and see each other in class in autumn again". My classmates then went to a big graduation party, but unfortunately, after I got back from my little trip to Sweden, I was really sick. I just didn't feel well and first I thought, I could maybe join the party later when I ate and drank something, but it kept getting worse and in the end I fell asleep with fever and bad headache. I'm so so so sad I couldn't join the last big party with all my classmates, teachers and friends from school.
But apropos trip to Sweden, I had a lovely time there. Except coming home sick, I had a great time visiting all my friends, my family, and to join the graduation party ("Studenten") of my best friends and former classmates. I love them all so much and I'm beyond grateful that I got the chance to meet them and to make such good friends in just one year. They are literally the best!!! My friend Laura and I traveled together to my second home, and we took lots of pictures during our trip, I might upload some of them as soon as I've got a little more time.

After my swedish and austrian graduation, I immediately started working, and so far I'm really happy with the job and my colleagues. They're all so helpful and kind and I admire their patience with me (as I'm asking thousand question just to make sure I do everything the right way).
Other than that, I'm having driving lessons since a week now and I'm really not sure if I'm gonna be a good driver someday - it feels like I have no control at all over the car when I'm driving haha.

We're in the middle of summer now - time goes by so fast! When I visited my folks in southern Sweden, I couldn't resist to buy some summer-sale items. Two jumpsuits from Weekday, silver earrings from Urban Outfitters and a backpack as well as a silver shirt from my favorite Second Hand Shop landed in my bags on my way back to Austria.
But scrolling through the internet made me wanna get some more pieces, for example those really beautiful shoes from Maddies Outfit (which itself is gorgeous too) - but as soon as they were on sale, they were sold out. It feels like I'm always coming late when my favorite pieces are on sale. :(
Luckily, the Indie Magazine, which I lately found again, won't be sold out if I finally subscribe to it. I wanted to do it already months ago but always forgot about it - now it's time, I guess.
And then there are some items on my wishlist, which let me combine business with pleasure. For my job, I need to wear tights (yes, even inside, but there are air conditioners, so it's not as bad as it might sound). I found two extremely beautiful tights at Swedish Stockings: Nina Fishbone and Svea Premium. Gonna order them this week as well. The people behind Swedish Stockings follow a exemplary mission, because they produce their tights only from recycled ones. You can benefit from this as well, when you send them at least 3 of your old stockings and in return you will get a 30% voucher for your next purchase.

Not to forget, my 6 (not five this time, I couldn't decide!) favorite blogposts in June were really inspiring and gave me lots of motivation to try something new or to think of something from a different angle. Take a look yourself!
  • Peppermynta Mag regularly puts different sustainable and charitable institutions in the spotlight. Last month it was an intiative called Shades of Love. In the Himalaya region the population suffers from sunlight - something, I didn't know anything about. But thinking about how easy it is to help, namely just to donate sunglasses, it's something everyone should consider to do.
  • Corinna from the blog Kissen & Karma posted a super sweet DIY on her blog, perfect for the outdoor summer: How to build a muntin window.
  • I love love love Mias travel guides. Here are her recommendations of Londons best cafés. I want to visit every single one she recommended! I consider to travel to London just to sit in these beautiful looking cafés...
  • Another blogger whose postings I adore are the ones from Stef. Her recipe of how to make Basilikumpesto seems to be easy and especially very yummy!
  • Vreni from Jäckle & Hösle writes an article about a topic which I never read somewhere on the internet before. It's an issue for me as well, because to accept, that I'm simply never gonna to have browned skin in the summer, wasn't always easy. Embrace your paleness!
  • I can't name any article from Maddie from dariadaria which I don't find somewhat inspiring. Maybe not a "classic" dariadaria post, she writes about her experience with Tesla and why it maybe is more than just a car for "the rich".
On Sunday, I had a shooting with my lovely friend Sabeth and we took some really sweet pictures which I hope to show you soon as well. And today, my dear swedish-exchange-student-buddy Marlene is visiting me for three days - we haven't seen each other for almost a year now and I'm really looking forward to meet her again! I hope you enjoy the next days as well and wish you lovely summer days ahead. :)

what to wear in cannes

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Mein letzter Look den ich euch von meiner Reise letztes Jahr an die Coté d'Azur zeige ist unbeabsichtigterweise einer mit hauptsächlich Weekday Teilen geworden, was mir allerdings erst beim Zusammenstellen dieses Blogposts auffiel. Jetzt muss ich vielleicht auch kurz ausholen, um zu erklären, was es mit meiner Vorliebe für die Kleidungsdesigns von Weekday auf sich hat - weniger nämlich mit der Marke selbst, als mit den Designs. Ich hege eine Vorliebe (noch stärker seit meinem Jahr in Schweden) für skandinavischen Minimalismus. Gerade Linien, locker fallende Schnitte und monotone Farben bekommen in den Kaufhäusern dieser Welt immer meine Aufmerksamkeit, und wandern nicht selten auch in meine Einkaufstaschen... Weekday ist ein skandinavisches Unternehmen und setzt eben auch genau auf solche Designs, was meinem Budget schon oft zum Verhängnis wurde.

Alle Teile, die ich trage, habe ich schon vor zwei bis drei Jahren gekauft, sind also vermutlich nicht mehr erhältlich. Nachdem ich seit circa einem Jahr vermehrt darauf achte, von welchen Unternehmen und unter welchen Bedingungen meine Kleidungsstücke produziert werden, fing ich auch an, früher heißgeliebte Shops (Mango, H&M, Weekday...) zu meiden und wenn möglich, Teile aus früheren Kollektionen aus zweiter Hand über Plattformen wie Kleiderkreisel zu erstehen. Wie in diesem Fall beispielsweise die Hose. Erstens habe ich sie zu einem viel günstigeren Preis erstanden (Geldbeutel geschont) und zweitens konnte ich die "Lebensdauer" dieser (praktisch neuen) Culotte verlängern, anstatt dieselbe neu im Store zu kaufen. Auch wenn ich gestehen muss, dass ich bei meinem Trip nach Kopenhagen vor zwei Wochen im Weekday-Sale dem Kauf zweier Jumpsuits nicht widerstehen konnte, trägt ein bewussteres Kaufverhalten dennoch dazu bei, Kleidung (und den Wert derselben) wieder wertzuschätzen.

Übrigens: Dass das kleine Sephora-Tascherl so gut zum Outfit dazupasst war auch reiner Zufall... Der Inhalt dieser Tasche war ein Lippenstift, den ich zuvor bei einem Shoppingtrip (der Anlass, warum wir den Abstecher nach Cannes gemacht haben) erstanden habe. Ich trage den Lippenstift auch auf den Bildern, den exakt selben habe ich im Internet leider nicht mehr gefunden, hier aber ein ähnlicher; Jumbo Lipstick im Farbton 04 Instant Red.

Nach meinem Outfitpost von Monaco und dem dazugehörigen Travel Guide folgt nach diesem Look von Cannes ein abschließender Bericht inklusive Bildmaterial natürlich auch noch. Davor plane ich aber noch den Juni-Rückblickspost. (Wahnsinn, schon wieder Juli?!)
Bis dahin, alles Liebe.

EN: The last look I'm showing you from my trip to the Coté d'Azur last year happens to be one with mostly Weekday-items. I'll shortly explain why I've got this little addiction with pieces from Weekday - which rather has to do with their design than with the brand itself. Already before my year in Sweden I was in love with scandinavian minimalism. Such pieces with clear cuts, straight lines and monotone colors somehow always end up in my shopping bag...

I bought all pieces in this outfit already two or three years ago, which means they probably aren't available anymore in the stores. Since I, about a year ago, started to pay more attention to under which circumstances my clothes were made, I tried to avoid shops like Mango, H&M and even Weekday. I started looking for pieces from previous collections from e.g. Weekday on platforms such as Kleiderkreisel, where you can purchase second hand clothing - like these pants I'm wearing. Buying second hand clothes gives you two really great benefits: first of all, you get almost new pieces much cheaper than in store and secondly, you can extend the life cycle of clothes instead of always getting the newest. Although I've to be honest with you, I couldn't resist to buy two jumpsuits from Weekday lately on my trip to Copenhagen. But to have a conscious buying behavior already helps you to appreciate the value of your clothes.

By the way: It was pure coincidence that my little Sephora-bag matched the outfit so well... Before we shot this outfit in the lovely streets of Cannes, I bought a lipstick there, which I still love and wear at almost every occasion. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the same on the internet, but I found a similar one: Jumbo Lipstick 04 Instant Red.

After my Outfitpost from Monaco and the travel guide there will be a last post with lots of pictures from Cannes. Before that, I'm planning on publishing the june recap.
Until then, lots of love.

Todays look is from March 2016.
Shirt: Weekday | Culottes: Weekday via Kleiderkreisel | Cardigan: Weekday | Shoes: Vans via Weekday | Sunglasses, Earrings: H&M (old)