found and loved

Sonntag, 18. August 2019 |
found and loved. The title of one of my Spotify Playlists. I don't know actually how I came up with this title, it was probably another late night when I couldn't sleep. I remember, I sat on the balcony in Vienna, cuddled in blankets and reminiscing. I have these really intense feelings sometimes when I am on my own with my thoughts. Eventually, tears dripping on my cheeks. Every part of my body filled with emptiness, this really strong emptiness. My mind circling.
found and loved, created within these feelings. A beautifully, hand-made creation, because that is what found and loved is to me. Raw, honest.
It stands for many experiences in my life. Somehow, things always turned out good. I did not search, I found. And loved. Simple.

* Currently in Cape Town, South Africa.

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